How to Turn Off the Xerox Banner Sheet

For All of Your Print Jobs


     You may want to turn off the banner page to save paper.  Otherwise, a cover page saying “Teacher” will print before each print job.  This is an issue with repetitive print jobs like report card printing. 

     If you do print a banner sheet, please reuse as classroom scrap paper or for printing student writing drafts on the AlphaSmart cart printer or classroom printer.

From the desktop, click on Start > Settings > Printers.

Once inside the Printers folder, Right-Click on Xerox Printer to show the pop-up menu.  Click on Properties.

You will now be in the Xerox printer Properties panel.  On the General tab, click on the Printing Preferences button.

Inside the Printing Preferences dialog Box, click on the Document Options tab.

Where it says, “Banner Sheet”, UNCHECK the box that says, “Request Banner Sheet.


Click “OK” to set your preference. 


You will no longer print the banner sheet whenever you print to the Xerox.